Mintnav browser hijacker on Xiaomi phones?

Hold onto your hats, folks! Some Xiaomi phone users have stumbled upon a rather “minty” surprise. Reports are buzzing about a cheeky browser hijacker named ‘Mintnav’ making a surprise appearance on their devices. And no, it’s not a new flavor of toothpaste!

A few months back, a curious Xiaomi user shared their baffling discovery to Reddit. Their trusty Google Chrome homepage had mysteriously transformed into a site named ‘Mintnav’. Now, while we all love a good plot twist, this one had users scratching their heads. Was it a scam? A new browser trend? Or perhaps Xiaomi’s attempt at an early April Fool’s joke?

mintnav on xiaomi phone google chrome

Tweets started flying, with users asking Xiaomi, “Hey, why the sudden minty makeover on our Chrome?” And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more dramatic, another user tagged the Ministry of Electronics & IT, hinting that Xiaomi might be sneaking in this browser hijacker on Chrome and other browsers. Talk about a plot twist!

What is Mintnav?

As per information available on the internet, Mintnav is known as a browser hijacker and it is an unwanted program in Xiaomi phones. This program will change your Xiaome phone’s Chrome Browser homepage, redirect you to other sites, and display unwanted ads.

Mostly, mintnav was seen on Xiaome’s phone and it is unclear who is the developer behind this.

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Is Mintnav Harmful?

But what’s the deal with Mintnav? A quick online search suggests it’s a browser hijacker. While it doesn’t harm your device, it’s like that annoying friend who keeps changing the TV channel. Mintnav tweaks your browser settings, throwing in ads and redirecting your searches to sponsored sites. Imagine browsing and suddenly getting a splash of mint everywhere. Refreshing? Maybe. Annoying? Definitely.

It doesn’t damage your device, but it does change your browser settings. This means users see unexpected ads and might be redirected to sponsored sites.

Xiaomi hasn’t chirped in about this yet. But if your phone’s acting all minty, it might be Mintnav’s doing. Experts suggest using anti-malware programs or simply resetting your browser settings. And maybe keep an eye out for other surprise flavours!

How to Remove Mintnav in Chrome Browser in Xiaome Phones

You can remove mintnav from your Chrome homepage in your Chrome browser’s settings by following these steps –

  • Open Chrome browser on your Xiaome, Redmi and POCO Phones.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner and choose Settings.
  • Scroll down and click on Homepage.
  • Remove from the option and choose Chrome’s homepage option.

Now, close all tabs in your browser and restart your browser. You will see Mintnav will disappear from your browser.